a vision For Individual investors

We’ve all heard the stories, people who saved into a pension scheme their whole lives only to find it almost worthless when they retire. Well, we want to help people take control of their investments, without having to become gurus in portfolio theory, PE ratio or EBITDA.

It’s a truism. The simplest visions are the best. I was asked by my sons, who had recently been enough lucky to receive a small inheritance, what they should do with it. They knew they wouldn’t get any return at all in a bank savings account, so I said ” you want a balanced, diversified portfolio” and we went ahead and selected some individual stocks and a small number of index funds. Now their portfolios did ok, and they’re very happy with what we did, but it got me thinking, how does the average person, with a modest sum to invest, know what to do?

So that’s our vision – make a tool that people can use, without being experts, to find a diverse portfolio of investments. Simple.