About us

A young company with a passion for thinking outside of the box. Whilst we formally created round green.rocks in only 2022, our staff have decades of experience of technology and its use in a whole range of industries. Our company is founded upon delivering amazing results by:

Deep technology knowledge, unlike many tech companies all our staff know the nuts and bolts of software and systems. You won’t find expensive but content free managers here.

A visceral understanding of how to exploit technology in a business context – it’s all very well knowing the tech, but tech only works if it’s effective in business terms.

Productivity beyond expectations. Since we don’t do wasteful activities on our projects, our productivity is second to none. 

Our products 

We develop end to end systems using a variety of technologies including large scale databases, machine learning, data analytics and a number of user interface technologies. Our focus is the financial services, investment and banking sectors.

We are currently working hard on a new investment portfolio finder, designed to facilitate both individual investors and professional investment managers find the best portfolios. We are exploiting large scale data analytics and numerical analysis techniques in new and novel ways that really upend this market.